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These properties also provide NBN

What is NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will provide reliable high speed broadband access to all Australian Homes via fibre optic cable. Residents in new developments will be among some of the first in Sydney to have access to this high speed broadband service.
The NBN has the potential to transform lives through reliable and fast access to online tools and information. Unlike dial-up internet, NBN will provide you with constant high-speed internet access, which will help make communicating and accessing information quick and easy.

Who is NBN Co?

NBN Co is a wholesale network provider responsible for building, operating and maintaining the NBN infrastructure and network.
NBN Co does not provide direct connections to broadband and telephone services.
These services are provided by Retail Service Providers. As a resident with NBN access you will not deal directly with NBN, rather the Retail Service Providers.

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